Art, much like any of the other communication skills, is a skill that may be polished and refined endlessly. I am compelled to create and to hone my skills for as long as I posses them.

I endeavor to create in my work, utilizing craft and a discerning eye, a relationship infused with feeling... To engage in the process of creating feeling, an artist must quiet himself, sense the feeling and express it with brush and palette. This is true no matter what the subject matter, or what style of painting.

Feeling and beauty are the abstractions of palette. To see the abstract in the real and the real in the abstract is to point out paradox within discernible truth. I believe in an unconscious, artistic intention, which is able to convey non-figurative anthropomorphism in any subject matter or through any allegorical vehicle. I strive to polish my skills and to respect artistic heritage. Composition, light and pattern are my teachers. Joy, love and beauty are my goal. On a path that leads to nowhere, I have sometimes found my soul.

A.R. Plack

B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute 1989

1967 Born in St. Louis, Missouri
1976 Art tutelage begins under Artist Stephan Buntton
1983 Tutelage abroad in Japan and China
1986 Chicago Art Institute
1989 Graduated with B.F.A. from San Francisco Art Institute

1989- Professional Artist
1988-89 Painting and Materials Instructor San Francisco Art Institute
1996-97 Visiting Art Instructor, Hawaii County

1987 Chicago Museum of Art
1987 Traveling Group Show -Chicago Art Institute;
New York, New Jersey, Boston
1987, 88, 89 San Francisco Art Institute
1989 Diego River Gallery, Two man show
1996 Volcano Art Center Gallery, Group show
2002 East Hawaii Cultural Center

1987-03 Oil paintings, watercolors and prints collected by museums, collectors and noted figures in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia, including;
Chicago Art Museum, Chicago Art Institute, San Francisco Art Institute, U.S. Department of Defense, Moscow Circus, Hawaii Awa Society, Hilo Outdoor Circle, Starfire International, Wildlife Art News Magazine, Hawaii County, Film Director George Kuchar, Bill Graham Presents and the Grateful Dead.

Robert Skaggs M.F.A.
Drew Beattie M.F.A.
Carlos Villa M.F.A.
Julius Hatofsky M.F.A.
Thomas Akawie M.F.A.
Michael Daly

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